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BioLargo Announces Crowdfunding Offering of Water Subsidiary Opportunity

BioLargo Announces Crowdfunding Offering of Water Subsidiary Opportunity to Invest in Water Treatment Technology

WESTMINSTER, Calif., Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO), developer of sustainable technologies and a full-service environmental engineering company, announced today that it has commenced a Regulation Crowdfunding offering (details at through its wholly-owned-subsidiary BioLargo Water Investment Group, Inc. ("BWIG") to support efforts to launch its patented water treatment technology into the $246 million poultry processing market.

Every year, nine billion chickens are processed in the United States, creating approximately 60 billion gallons of contaminated wastewater. The new technology, developed by BioLargo through its Alberta-based Canadian wholly-owned-subsidiary of BWIG, can efficiently treat this polluted water, enabling safe wastewater discharge and even water reuse.

BioLargo Water's treatment technology, called the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS), eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic organisms, and can reduce pharmaceuticals and antibiotics. It is more effective in removing water contaminants than most standard systems typically used to treat industrial wastewater, and the treated water is clean enough for safe discharge to the environment or reuse in the facility. BioLargo Water's treatment technology also uses less power and is more affordable to purchase and operate than chlorination, ozonation, and UV radiation, providing additional cost savings to processors.

BioLargo Water's technology has been tested at a poultry farm in Canada, a microbrewery in Southern California, and at a stormwater site in Southern California.  After launching into the poultry processing market, BioLargo Water intends to enter the $44 billion markets of stormwater, food and beverage, municipal, industrial, oil and gas, and agriculture wastewater.

BioLargo Water has been awarded over 70 grants for development and commercialization of water treatment technology, is supported by more than 20 industry and academic collaborators from around the world, and has received financial support from innovation-centric agencies in the Canada and United States, including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.To learn more, visit

About BioLargo, Inc. BioLargo, Inc. is an innovative technology developer and environmental engineering company driven by a mission to "make life better" by delivering robust, sustainable solutions for a broad range of industries and applications, with a focus on clean water, clean air, and advanced wound care. We develop and commercialize disruptive technologies by providing the capital, support, and expertise to expedite them from "cradle" to "maturity" ( Our engineering division features experienced professional engineers dedicated to integrity, reliability, and environmental stewardship ( Our industrial odor control division, Odor-No-More ( features CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator (, which eliminates the odor-causing compounds and VOCs rather than masking them, and is now winning over leading companies in the solid waste handling and wastewater industries and other industries that contend with malodors and VOCs. Our subsidiary BioLargo Water ( is preparing to commercialize its Advanced Oxidation System "AOS," a disruptive industrial water treatment technology designed to eliminate waterborne pathogens and recalcitrant contaminants with better energy-efficiency and lower operational costs than incumbent technologies. Our subsidiary Clyra Medical ( features effective and gentle solutions for chronic infected wounds to promote infection control and regenerative tissue therapy.

About BioLargo Water Investment Group, Inc. BioLargo Water Investment Group, Inc. is a wholly-owned-subsidiary of BioLargo, Inc., and the sole shareholder of BioLargo Water, Inc., a Canadian entity formed by BioLargo to develop water treatment technologies and products. BioLargo Water Investment Group was established to facilitate a vehicle in which investors are able to invest along-side BioLargo to advance and support the business plan of BioLargo Water Canada through its piloting work and into commercialization. The structure is also organized to carefully preserve BioLargo Water Canada's valuable Canadian status in order to encourage and maximize its ongoing financial support from its various federal sources of funding in Canada. Headquartered at Agri-Food Discovery Place located on campus at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, BioLargo Water, Inc. is preparing to commercialize the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS), a patented and proprietary technology aimed at providing cost- and energy-efficient treatment of water and wastewater to enable practical and affordable safe discharge and reuse of diverse water sources. Learn more at

About WaterWorks "WaterWorks" refers to a group of companies that is owned by WWF Holdings, Inc., which includes WWF Platform, LLC, WWF Crowd, LLC, WWF Agency, LLC, and WWF Funding Portal, LLC. WWF Funding Portal, LLC is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") as a funding portal and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA"). Investing involves the risk of loss. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investments in private companies are particularly risky and you should only consider investing if you can afford to lose your entire investment and are willing to live with the ups and downs with the industry in which you invest.

Contact Information Dennis P. Calvert President & CEO of BioLargo, Inc. (888) 400-2863

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