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Advanced Oxidation System Pilots

We're proud to announce that BioLargo Water's AOS is currently being deployed in three pre-commercial field pilots. ​​
These pilots are designed to produce the techno-economic data on the AOS' technical capabilities, operational and capital costs, and logistical considerations necessary to commercialize and market this amazing technology.
Our pilots are funded in part by NRC-IRAP and MWD-ICP of Southern California.
Poultry Processing Wastewater Treatment Pilot

Location: Camrose, Alberta

Start date: Fall 2018

Market: Poultry processing wastewater treatment

Funders: BioLargo, Inc. and NRC-IRAP

Learn more in our press release HERE.

Microbrewery Processing Wastewater Treatment Pilot

Location: Joshua Tree, California

Start date: Winter 2018/2019

Market: Brewery wastewater treatment

Funders: BioLargo, Inc.AquaCycl, and MWD-ICP

Learn more in our press release HERE.

Stormwater Treatment Pilot

Location: Southern California

Start date: Spring 2019

Market: Stormwater capture and reuse

Funders: BioLargo, Inc. and NRC-IRAP

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